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Day Trading With Robinhood: Is It a Good Idea for Newbiee User?

day trading on robinhood

Robinhood exploded at the scene while they first entered the brokerage industry. They have been the primary substantial dealer to supply commission-free trades and created probably some of the foremost uncomplicated cellular app for trading stocks

This substantial competitive part allowed Robinhood to achieve vast market share with millennials, a demographic that big agents historically had problem attaining.

Robinhood merchants even have small money owed and realize that shopping for index money with $2,000 won’t create extraordinary gains. According to a read from JMP Securities, the typical Robinhood consumer has among $1,000 and $5,000 of their account, in contrast to Charles Schwab, which has an typical of $240,000.

Many view day shopping and selling because the in simple terms option to make their small account meaningfully grow. 

Can You Day Trade With Robinhood?

Yes, you possibly can day commerce on Robinhood.

Functionally, it really works the similar as investing does. You purchase a inventory by ability of the app, after which you definitely promote it in a while within the day. There’s no day shopping and selling function or change to click on within the app. 

PDT Rule

However, these in need of to day commerce have to realize a quantity of issues first—namely, the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule. The PDT is a regulation that prohibits merchants with much not up to $25,000 of their money owed from making extra than three day trades in a rolling five-day period.

Keep in thoughts that the five day interval is a rolling period. This ability that within the event you make a day commerce on a Tuesday, it'll depend towards your day commerce quantity till right here Tuesday.

The regulation is dumb, but all US brokerages are required to observe it, so it’s simply anything to adapt your shopping and selling technique to. This ability no scalping or extremely lively shopping and selling concepts together with your small account.

Order Types

Another factor to be conscious of is order types.

Many Robinhood day merchants are really new to the inventory market. They are unfamiliar with the purposes of other order types. 

The default order sort within the Robinhood app is a market order that buys whichever stocks are handy at that time. Market orders can result in your order getting stuffed at an undesired price.

Robinhood in simple terms gives a quantity of order types, and the very major is the restrict order. The restrict order permits you to inform Robinhood, “I desire to purchase this inventory at $X and under.” This prevents you from paying extra for a inventory than you deliberate to. 

When shopping and selling large-cap names like Amazon or Apple, you won’t word a colossal difference among restrict orders and market orders. Still, restrict orders grow to be very major while shopping and selling penny stocks, that may have very substantial bid-ask spreads.

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