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3 Best Scalping Indicators for Beginner Traders

When you enter the world of trading, you will be presented with various strategies that can be tried, one of which is scalping. The scalping method is a trading style that is generally tried in short durations; can be in hours, minutes, or even seconds.

For a moment, scalping is indeed close to day trading. However, scalping is usually only tried for a specific duration, while day trading is usually done every day. Scalpers generally only use special moments to analyze movements.

Scalping trading style is not so suitable for newcomers, because it requires analytical skills and strategy setting. However, this does not mean that this method cannot be learned.

If you are categorized as a newcomer but want to try this method, you can use bookmarks to help organize a strategy so that you can profit. Then, what is the best scalping marker for newcomers? Follow this further description.

1. Moving Average For Scalping

Who does not know the Moving Average (MA) marker? This one marker is considered a favorite among traders. MA markers are designed plain or simple so that newcomers will not have trouble applying them.

To use MA, first select a suitable timeframe. Expert Trader Alan Farley illustrates, combining the 5-8-13 SMA on the 3-minute chart to identify the style.

The SMA line the next day will move up and down according to the existing chart. If the line is approaching SMA 5 or 8, it is a sign that the force is strong, but if it starts to penetrate SMA 13, be prepared for a reversal.

Always remember the classic MA method: if a small MA crosses into a large MA or moves up, do open buy; but if the opposite, run open sell.

The above is just an illustration of a moving average mix. While there are many other mixed illustrations such as SMA-60 with Parabolic SAR, trio of EMA-12, EMA-26, and SMA-55, and the like.

It should be noted, the MA marker does not always bring profit because it is prone to fake signals. Therefore, you must always start if the price does not move to the desired goal.

2. Scalping With Bollinger Bands

Another popular marker for newcomers is Bollinger Bands. You can practice the default settings with a time frame of 5 minutes. If the price holds the lower band, go buy, whereas if the price reaches the upper band, go sell. Here, you are also asked to set a flat Stop Loss and TP figure, which is 10: 5 pips.

In contrast to the MA marker, the BB marker is suitable to be used in markets that are ranging or sideaways, and can even be detrimental if used in a trending market.

3. Stochastic

The use of this one marker is very different from the two previous markers. Stochastic is often used for other marker accessories, such as Moving Averages or Bollinger Bands.

The painting above is an illustration of the application of Stochastic with SMA-200. Why use SMA-200? That's why this line is considered to be a barrier between a bull market and a bear market. The indicator settings can be set at SMA-200 with a time frame of 5 minutes and the default Stochastic(5, 3, 3).

Then how is our method of trading with a mixture of the markers above?

If the market is bullish, open a position when there is a buy sign from the Stochastic crossover. On the other hand, if the market feels bearish, look for sell signs. However, you also need to choose a profitable currency pair and be active for scalping methods with this marker.

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