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3 Interesting International Stocks to Buy Now

Each of these industries has something special to offer and can be a good bonus because the economy is generally recovering from the aftermath of the epidemic.

Take a look at these 3 global stocks

Diversifying your portfolio holdings over the years is without a doubt one of the best ways to lower your overall risk and optimize your returns. After all, you don't want to have all your investment eggs in one basket. With the U.S. equity market at the bottom of a major focus in 2022, it makes a lot of sense to look beyond our boundaries for current opportunities. Increasing exposure to global stocks can provide a great way to further diversify your account, and there are many interesting industries working in the economy that are well positioned to grow in the years to come.

That's why we accumulate very interesting global stock records at this time. Each of these industries has something special to offer and can be a good bonus because the economy has generally recovered from the aftermath of the epidemic.

Next are 3 interesting global stocks to buy right now:

3 Interesting International Stocks to Buy Now

Petroleo Brasileiro SA( NYSE: PBR)

The beginning was Petroleo Brasileiro, an industry also known as Petrobas in Syndicate America. It is Brazil's national oil industry and is centered on the investigation and creation of oil and gas in Brazil's coastal free zone. Energy stocks have been the strongest market zone this year, and with oil prices expected to remain high in the near term thanks to the clashes in Ukraine, these stocks may be negotiating at current prices. There is also a lot of interest in how Petroleo Brasileiro is expected to invest heavily in hydrocarbons over the next few years, which could aim for solid production and revenue growth in the future.

The industry has access to pre-salt reservoirs off the coast of Brazil which allows Petrobas to use reserves at low cost that cannot be matched by other industries that integrate in a broad way. The bonus alibi for studying the stock accumulation of this key player includes a very economical evaluation, as the stock is currently trading at a P or E ratio of 4.34. Combine that with a dividend yield of 14.41% which is extraordinary and it is easy to identify why this is a stock. interesting globals.

British American Tobacco PLC( NYSE: BTI)

Stocks like British American Tobacco are another good place to look for opportunities at this time, as this type of stock can hold up well especially with so many questions characterizing where the world's economy is headed. It is one of the largest publicly traded major tobacco industries and the industry with iconic brands including Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Newport and Camel. Stocks faced a big rally to start the year but have since retreated to offer an attractive entry point for long-term consumers to think about.

Investors should be captivated by British American Tobacco's steam electric cigarette product, which has become very popular with customers in recent years. There is also a lot of interest in how the industry holds a 31% stake in ITC Limited, which is India's leading cigarette maker. BTI does have some risks that investors should understand, especially if the FDA steps in and begins to prevent or regulate this type of tobacco product. As such, the stock offers an 8.99% dividend yield and trades at a beta of 0.76, which means it's a good global stock for investors who are hooked on more conventional games during times of increased volatility in equity markets.

Toronto- Dominion Bank( NYSE:TD)

If you're interested in increasing your exposure to the Canadian economy, which bounced back magnificently in February, Toronto- Dominion Bank could be a good stock to think about. Canada's unemployment rate fell to pre-endemic lows in February after self-employment increased a recent 337,000 jobs, which could mean higher interest rates will arrive quickly. That should be a big positive for Toronto- Dominion Bank, which is one of the top 2 banks in Canada. It's an industry that works across 3 sections, Canadian Retail Banking, US retail banking and agency banking, and recently saw matched EPS up 14% year over year.

As a reminder, these types of banks tend to outperform during the interest rate escalation timeframe, and if the Canadian economy continues to strengthen, we may well want an increase in lending growth for TD. Because customers and businesses get better installment rates. TD is also known to be one of the top card printers in Canada, which is another positive thing for investors to think about. With a dividend yield of 3.61% and a market leader position in a robust economy, Toronto- Dominion Bank is one of the more interesting financial stocks to think about adding today.

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