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5 Trusted Forex Trading Applications in Indonesia, Easy to Use!


apps for trading forex
Along with the development of smartphones, access to trading has become more practical and easily fulfilled through various applications. However, you should know what trading applications are trusted in Indonesia.

5 Trusted Trading Applications in Indonesia

Investing is very important. This is one way to maintain financial condition, especially for the long term.

There are more and more ways to invest. You are free to choose what type of investment to use. One of my favorites is Forex Trading.

Forex trading is a type of investment trading currencies between countries that can provide benefits for you. Plus the development of Fintech makes Forex Trading easier to do.

#1 Hanson Forex Investing (Horex)

This application was developed in 2018 and has quite complete features because this broker is able to combine trading platforms as well as news information in the application.

#2 Agrodana Futures

One of the local Forex Trade applications that is suitable for you is Agrodana Futures. This application was developed by the broker Agrodana Futures.

The advantages that you can get are services based on technical and fundamental analysis that are easy to access.

There are several menus that are presented, including the economic calendar, economic data, live price quotes, and educational materials. You can also access various news from CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

#3 MIFX Mobile

This application was developed by the Monex Broker, which is widely known by traders because it has been established since 2000.

There are several advantages to this application, one of which is that you can make transactions directly without having to download an additional MT4 platform.

In addition, there are several other convenient features such as the One Click Withdrawal menu for easy withdrawal of profits, as well as Price Alerts that can be set to monitor your favorite pairs.

#4 MetaTrader 4

Application developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. This one is quite popular.

There are several choices of instruments that you can use, including technical analysis indicators, news feeds, to online charts.

Not only that, you can get quotes and trading times in real time. So you have ample opportunity to do analysis.

#5 Trade Optimizer

This paid application is quite popular among traders.

In addition to its convenience, you will also get various premium features including 14 calculators that help to analyze risk, determine positions, and post-trading analysis.

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