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How to Save Unique and Make Enthusiasm

zebrablog.net - One of the most useful activities to support a financial situation is saving money. Therefore, almost everyone is taught to save money from an early age, whether at home or at school. Unfortunately, saving money is often something that is considered trivial so that not everyone can do it in an unchanging way.

Well, if you have the habit of procrastinating on this one, it's good if you start saving money in a special way. Not only interesting to practice, special ways to save money can also increase enthusiasm so that you will be motivated to then do it.

Unique Money Saving Method

Then, what is a special method of saving money that is easy to try? Come on, follow the next points!

1. Save money Match the Date

One method of saving money that you can easily practice is setting aside money in a fund, either in the form of a savings or bank account, according to the time of day.

For example, you need to set aside Rp. 000 coincides with 1, then you need to set aside Rp2. 000 the next day, and the next time you save money.

That number will surely increase until it reaches the 30th or 31st of each month. If calculated globally, you will get funds in general of IDR 465 thousand per month or IDR 5.6 million per year.

2. Saving paper money

A special way to save money and create other enthusiasm is to set aside each banknote that you have in a special amount. For example, you only want to accumulate 10 thousand rupiah banknotes and don't want to spend it at all.

If you don't keep doing it every time you get a Rp. 10 thousand note, then you can accumulate quite a lot of money every month. For example, you often change money every morning and get Rp. 10 thousand per day. So, you will get IDR 300 thousand per month or IDR 3.6 million per year.

If you want to find funds in larger amounts, of course you have to make sure you have a larger nominal amount of paper money to save. For example, Rp. 20 thousand, Rp. 50 thousand, or moreover Rp. 100 thousand.

3. Saving money

If saving paper money is feeling heavy, then you can try starting from a small nominal. For example, save money for every change you can each day. If you try it in an unchanging way, you can find a lot of funds from the loose change you collect.

So that the loose change that you can remember is no less than you put in your savings, you can collect it first in a special pocket change wallet. After returning home, then you can move the change into savings.

4. Saving money with friends

Having a friend who shares one vision and one wave is indeed an exciting thing, especially if that person also wants to be brought along to make a good routine together. For example, create a routine to save money for a specific financial purpose.

In making an agreement to save money with friends, you also need to first determine what the terms and determinations must be obeyed by both parties so that how to save money can run easily.

To start, try to determine in advance the financial goals or goals that you want to achieve together. For example, you and your friends want to travel to Malaysia with a budget of IDR 5 million. You both have 5 months to accumulate that calculation.

So, you and your friends can make an agreement to save money with an amount of Rp. 1 million per month which will be put in a mutual fund the next day.

5. Put the Novel Dana in Friends

In addition to saving money together, there are other special ways to save money and create excitement that you can do with friends. One of them is to put a fund novel in your friend.

To reduce dishonesty, make sure you and your friends do not have access to collect the money saved. So, not only do you put funds in your friend's book, you are also prohibited from having access in the form of mobile or internet banking so that you or your friends cannot collect the money contained in the fund book.

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