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How to Use Moving Average Strategies in 2022

Moving average (MA) is a marker of technical analysis that is commonly used. It eliminates the effects of short-term price changes, smooths out the history of matching prices and provides a general price forecast for a particular timeframe in the form of a single line.

moving average

You can use the general move to identify and determine the direction of potential trends or timeframes of the background market when prices are not fluctuating. In addition, you can determine support and resistance levels and determine your entry or exit strategy as accessories with other markers. Although you can create different types of markers in general, the two most commonly used are simple moves and generally exponential moves.

Sorting out time frames

Traders generally use the following duration frames:

  • 5 days, 10 days, and 20 days when determining the short time style
  • 30 day or 50 day MA up to 100 day duration frame, make medium time style direction
  • 200 days, 250 days, in the usual way, duration frames over 100 days if you want to look at the direction of the long time horizon. The 200 and 250 day duration frames are sometimes referred to as “bull-bear lines” and traders use them to determine whether there will be a bullish move or a bearish move.

As you have observed, these are markers that can be matched and you have the opportunity to change the time frame according to your trading strategy and preferences.

Why is the procedure generally used for moving?

In general, moving is a useful tool because you can use it as a standalone marker or combine it with other markers. Also, you can plot some of the most common moves with different time frames to identify and confirm the movement of forces. Traders preparing 3 markers usually go with short, medium and long timeframes when analyzing styles. It needs to be said that not only the duration of each day, in general movement can also be defined in terms of hourly duration.

Signs generally move

Markers generally move can help you identify different types of signs.


A very common sign is style. An increasing MA will aim at a price escalation in a totality way, whereas a decreasing MA will justify a decrease in a price level in a totality way. When you want to know the long-term style, go for a longer duration frame like 200 days. If the increase in general continues to be tested, then you have succeeded in determining the upward force.

Cross over

You can also use the 2 in general move to identify cross trading opportunities. Traders do this by mixing short MAs with generally medium or long time moves. Setting up 2 markers is usually a move, in general, short time and long time movements can be called price crossings. The usual conditions for a crossover sign are:

  • When you consider that in general short time movements exceed most long time movements that means a bullish sign (bullish crossing) is also called a "golden cross"
  • If in general the short time movement passes at the bottom in general the long time movement, then it gives a bearish sign or a dead cross

The Method of Using Moving Average

When you use different markers when creating your trading strategy, you have to make sure that the markers freeze some zones like style, momentum, volatility, etc. That way, generally moving as a style marker can be combined with a marker that recognizes signals through momentum or price volatility.

Momentum markers, such as divergent convergence generally moving (MACD), are another type of marker combined with general movement that indicate a predictive change in price direction. Also, using oscillator markers, such as stochastic markers, in combination with generally moving can help you figure out the pullback ability. 

Meeting most of the moves with volatility markers, such as Bollinger bands markers, can be useful when trading with a crossover strategy because the bands define the trading range of price behavior. In addition, mixes can be made using markers generally moving and generally actual spans, along with other markers when a trader tries to identify potential entry points.

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