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The Best Option Trading App You Must Try!!!

As alternative trading becomes more popular, there continues to be a large number of brokers offering mobile alternative trading. Trading alternatives from a mobile app can be more complex than doing business from a desktop program—but with the right brokerage account and a little bit of guidance, you'll be in business on the short run.

The Best Option Trading App You Must Try!!!

Don't believe where to start to find the best agent program? Think about opening an account with one of our top options if you value mobile alternative trading.

1. Tastyworks

If you've used the Deliciousworks desktop or browser program, you may be impressed by the agency's wide range of excellent charting and analysis options. Now, Deliciousworks has expanded its offerings to the mobile realm with free apps available for Apple, Android, and Windows features.

The Tastyworks mobile app offers a wide range of planning and analysis tools, copying its desktop program in a simplified form that is perfect for mobile. Some of the special features that the Deliciousworks app offers include:

  • Keeping track of observations and follow is simple: Organize your trading portfolio with fast track record keeping with a few strokes. Tastyworks' special “Follow Feed” feature also allows you to track the abilities and trades of special trading characters during the day.
  • Movie victim in the program: Need trading ideas? Enjoy in-program movies as well as 8 hours of live content each trading day powered by Delicioustrade, one of the internet's top financial programming networks. You can also create various pre-recorded trading movies to enhance your strategy right from your mobile device.
  • Fast and simple delivery placement: The Tastyworks mobile app is optimized for bulk features, giving you access to complex delivery types and placements without the full weight of desktop types.

2. Webbul

With more than 11 million consumers worldwide, Webull is rapidly growing to become one of the largest stock and alternative trading spaces on the market. Unlike most agents, Webull does not charge any commission for its trades—including alternative trades.

Webull's mobile app is comprehensive, allowing you to place alternative trades, track your portfolio over time, learn with paper trading accounts and much more. The mobile app also offers some special features that set it apart from other agents, including:

  • Mobile voice commands: Place deliveries and do research using voice commands like buy, sell and search without lifting a finger.
  • Connection delivery alternatives: Webull recently announced more advanced delivery types, including stop-loss delivery and one-cancels-the-other (OCO) delivery to its cellular program.
  • Advanced market information: By subscribing to Webull, you can access Tier 1 and Tier 2 market information— wherever you are.

The Webull app is available as a free download for Apple and Android consumers. Windows desktop consumers can also enjoy the Webull desktop app, which makes it easier to execute trades on the fly. In the future, Webull will work to further expand alternative delivery types and pursue Tier 3 alternative options. Alternative trading is available via Webull from 09:30 to 16:00. EST every trading day.

3. Interactive Brokers

With IBKR, alternative commissions range from USD 0.15 to USD 0.65 per US alternative contract.

They have award winning trading programs and tools that are robust and available on desktop, mobile, and website. You can view market information, position, and market several categories of heritage and products side by side on one screen.

You can always stay at the top of your portfolio and market no matter where you are. The IBKR Mobile app covers everything you need to do business and manages your choices as they go.

OptionTrader provides market information for the underlying, allows you to create and manage alternative deliveries including mixed between, and provides the most complete form of available alternative links, all on one screen.

4. Robinhood

If you're a new investor, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the many trading options and charts you'll see at most brokers. Investors looking for a simpler way to start alternative trading can enjoy the Robinhood mobile program no frills.

Like stock trading and ETFs, buying and selling options is very simple when you use the Robinhood program. Easily browse the currently available options and click on potential deliveries to see what you are actually buying and how much it will cost. Tier 2 standalone strategy and Tier 3 alternative deliverables (such as installment spreads) are currently available on both desktop and mobile versions.

Like Webull, Robinhood has ditched alternative fees for commission-free trading. Robinhood has no commission for purchasing or marketing alternatives, there is no fee per contract, and there is no dispatch fee. While you do need a Robinhood Gold account to access more in-depth market research (subscription costs $5 per month) you don't need to be a Robinhood Gold agency to access alternative trading.

The Robinhood mobile app is available as a free download for Apple and Android features.

5. Thinkorswim Mobile App

Award-winning and full of innovative analytical tools, the TD Ameritrade think tank has captivated stock and alternative traders for years with its professional software. The thinkorswim TD Ameritrade mobile app mirrors the functionality of the desktop, offering nearly every tool and alternative available in its browser type. Some of the features that appear include:

  • Multiple charting options and markers: Access over 300 chart features and trade markers from the thinkorswim mobile app for some of the most in-depth trades available.
  • Profit analysis features: Answer all your "what-if" trades with thinkorswim's portfolio analysis tool. Analysis tools can help identify potential opportunities and especially volatile risk zones, allowing you to prevent yourself from shrinking the market.
  • Risk-free demo trading: Understanding the various features available from thinkorswim can be challenging. If you are a new trader who wants to practice with live apps, open a Papermoney thinkorswim trading demo account and perfect your strategy for $100. 000 virtual dollars and no risk to your capital.

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