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The Difference Between Stocks and Crypto That You Must Know

Stocks are still a well-known capital and trading instrument today. However, since cryptocurrencies have become popular, many have started to look at Bitcoin and Altcoins. Moreover, when the price spike of cryptocurrencies in 2020 made many attempts to enter some cryptocurrencies.

The Difference Between Stocks and Crypto That You Must Know

Before stock traders try cryptocurrencies, there are some values ​​that must be understood. You see, the nature of stocks with cryptocurrencies is very different. Then, what are the comparisons of stocks with cryptocurrencies?

Trade Duration

The very thing but rather is the duration of the trade. For those who are used to trading stocks on the Indonesian Impact money market, the duration of trading is only on Monday-Friday activities. The time is also divided into 2 stages, 09:00 WIB – 11:30 WIB and stage 2 hours 13:30 – 14: 50 WIB. That is, traders already know that the duration of the bustling business is only at those hours.

In contrast to stocks, the crypto market is open 24 hours and 7 days other names never go down. With the comparison of that duration, the stock trading strategy with crypto is also different.

For example, crypto trading must also look at the times when trading is booming. You see, the price will move more when the business goes up. Generally, trading is rife when the day is active in Syndicate America (US) and Europe, in the early morning until the early morning in Indonesia.

Transaction Basis

If the stock business is in Indonesia, traders must carry out a minimum business of 1 lot or 100 shares. That is, if the share price is Rp. 000 per share means the minimum issued capital is Rp. 100. 000 per lot.

Unlike crypto, indeed the price of Bitcoin can be up to hundreds of millions of rupiah, Ethereum is also tens of millions of rupiah. But, don't worry, small capital traders can always get business by buying the smallest part. For Bitcoin, you can buy up to 8 decimal places.

Trading Program Character

Stock trading programs with crypto are also different. For stocks, traders can do business by becoming customers on deposit securities.

For crypto, traders can do business through crypto exchanges such as, Binance, Pintu, Tokocrypto, Indodax, and others. Then, for crypto storage, traders or traders can also put in crypto wallet applications such as Metamask and others.

Transaction Fee

The imposition of business fees is also different, stocks usually use business fees for buying and selling businesses at a rate of close to 0.3 percent per business. The amount of the fee will be different for each deposit securities.

Unlike stocks, business fees in crypto are quite varied according to the exchange used. However, it is true that most exchanges will use business fees for making money with different fees.


Well, volatility is the biggest difference between stocks and crypto. Stocks, especially in Indonesia, have a method of separating volatility when the market is not resolved such as through auto-rejection on top and bottom to trading halts, namely temporary stoppages of trading. That is, volatility can be better maintained if there is a drastic contraction or escalation.

Unlike stocks, crypto doesn't have that volatility control. So, crypto prices will move according to supply and demand. That's what makes crypto can go up or down extreme.


From the connection point of view, the stock business can be limited to the money market in one country. For example, a foreign trader who wants to try to buy shares in Indonesia must familiarize himself with the provisions in Indonesia, such as creating a securities account for deposit in the country.

For crypto, the connection is not limited to the country. That is, the number of traders who can do business is also more.


Many think that crypto has no elements. Meanwhile, in fact crypto also has elements that can be seen from whitepapers or some kind of prospectus in stocks. This whitepaper contains the outline of the crypto blueprint development path, from the development plan, crypto traders and investors can see how good the crypto opportunity is.

Indeed, this element of crypto is quite different from stocks. You see, when it comes to stocks, it is elementary seen from their financial capabilities. If the situation is a lot of loans and injuries, it means that the elements are not good.


Cryptocurrencies do have a decentralized goal, but when you want to work in a country, you always have to explore the rules. Indonesia itself legitimizes cryptocurrency as goods not payment equipment. For that, cryptocurrency lies at the base of CoFTRA. On the other hand, the shares listed in financial instruments are located at the base of the OJK regulator.

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